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The kitchen is the showpiece of the entire house. No other room says so much about the homeowners, their personality, and class than the kitchen does. An elegant and functional kitchen transforms an ordinary home into an extraordinary home. Perhaps for these very reasons, few other home improvement projects add more to the value of the house. Depending on the quality of kitchen that is built, the value increase can approach twice the amount of the original investment. There are many options to accomplish the look and functionality for the kitchen of your dreams. There is a kitchen for every budget. Consult with one of our design professionals about how to build the perfect kitchen for you.



Over time, bathrooms can become dilapidated, non-functional, water-damaged, or just plain out of date. Updating your bathroom is not only often a critical aspect of maintaining your home; it is also a wonderful opportunity to add class, elegance, and charm. A jetted tub or a travertine shower can transform a standard bathroom into a spectacular setting. Our design experts can help guide you through simple replacement jobs to major bathroom renovations.

Stucco & Siding

exterior coatings

The maintenance involved in sustaining the structural integrity of the exterior of your home is often an overwhelming experience. Wood rots and becomes infested with termites, stucco deteriorates and is corroded by water, and paint peels and blisters. We have a myriad of options and the expertise to guide you into a long-lasting solution that will answer all of your concerns.

Windows & Doors

windows & doors

Seventy four percent of your heating and cooling dollars escape through your windows and doors. Incredible advances in window technologies have been made in the last 10 years that should make every homeowner carefully evaluate the efficiency of their windows and doors. It is a very common situation where the energy savings you experience each month pays the payments for the windows. There are a variety of energy saving and cosmetic options. Our window experts will walk you through all the options.



The most sure-fire way to add value to your home is to add square footage. Average homes in San Diego sell for in excess of $300 a square foot. Adding floor area to your home is an opportunity to make the space your own in the way it should be, not the way the original builder thought was cheapest. There is an infinite number of options and each job is uniquely its own.

Decks & Balconies

decks & balconies

The purpose of decks and balconies is to bring the indoor living space outside in addition to taking advantage of area views. We can custom design a balcony for you that will create additional area in your house, except it is outside. The wonderful advantage of decks and balconies is that they are a quarter to a third of the cost of building an enclosed space. Our design experts can help you select the products that will create the space you are looking for.





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Handyman Services

handyman services

When you need to find a reliable “handyman”, call Integrity Home Improvements. Integrity Home Improvements, the professional leader in home repairs, gives you peace of mind. Whether you are a homeowner, or a commercial property owner, arranging for a visit from a Integrity Home Improvements handyman is simple. With one call, an appointment will be scheduled for you. Our telephone support staff will discuss your needs and send, for your smaller jobs, a qualified handyman who will arrive at your property ready to immediately start work. For your larger projects a home repair estimator will be scheduled to review your project so that an estimate may be presented.

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